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Know more about South Australia’s largest Cheerleading, Dance & Tumbling Program.

Our Mission

At Force Elite, we exist to create a vibrant community built on our core values of Family, Passion, and Growth.

When you walk through our doors, you’ll feel the positive energy of our family-friendly culture. With our passionate instructors, we instill a love for cheer, dance, and tumble, fostering friendships and empowering athletes to grow both on and off the mat, while helping our athletes be accountable for their actions and performance as well.



our founder

Dena Piro

Dena Piro

Owner and Director

Dena has been involved in dance her whole life and the cheer world for over 10 years first starting as a cheerleader herself. Dena’s devotion to her passion and her athlete lead her to creating Force Elite Academy in 2016 and forever changed from the once performance troupe into the full cheerleading and dance academy you see today.



Helena Norton

Manager and Head Coach All-Star Cheerleading

Helena has been apart of FEA since she was just 15, she went through our coach in training program before not long taking on her own teams. She wear many hats at FEA, inhouse choreographer, designs merchandise, supports and mentors coaches.

Helena may not directly coach you but you can guarantee she has helped you with your cheer journey, weather that’s by mentoring your coach, choreographing your routine, helping you with your tumbling or supporting you on and off the floor. Her talent does not stop at the cheer floor, she has also been a dancer with FEA and our dances coaches have also called out to her for some choreography ideas.

Madison Spencer

Reception and Administration, Coach

Madi works our reception and administration. She has been an athlete with Force Elite since 2016, she has compete with us interstate and internationally, she will also be joining FEA on our worlds team in 2024.


Madi has a strong passion for cheer and dance and also coaches many teams across both our facilities.

Alina Mason

Ready-set-dance Coordinator, Coach

Alina is our Ready Set Dance co-ordinator. You will also see her in the gym coaching our dance teams and cheerleading teams from beginners to elite level. Alina started out at our Seaford location when she was just 12 years old, today you can still see her flying on out non tumbling teams and competing in our open dance teams. 


Alina thrieves on sharing her passion for cheer and dance with her athletes and this is evident them on and off the floor.

Monique Mitchell

Dance co-ordinator

Monique has extensive background in calisthenics, dance and cheerleading. Monique started with us doing performance cheer for the Redlegs Football team and open competitor cheer over 10 years ago.


She loves being able to share and inspire our next generation of dancers and help them on their dance journey with FEA. 


our programs are all-inclusive and are the best valued across sa


Unleash your potential in All Star Cheerleading, a dynamic team sport that combines stunts, dance, and tumbling. Perfect for athletes who thrive on teamwork and high energy!

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Our Preschool Programs:

This is the full cheer experience. These teams compete at all South Australian based cheer and dance events and travel to All Star Nationals in November

All Star Novice Cheerleading teams are full competitive teams for beginners. These teams are non-travelling and present a lower cost for participation allowing for a more approachable entry into the sport.

Join our CheerStars program and discover the exciting world of cheerleading. Perfect for young athletes looking to build skills and have fun.

Flyers specific strength & conditioning. These classes help our flyers to stay at the top of their game. Classes available for varying age groups and experience levels


Step into the spotlight with All Star Dance, where you can master styles like Hip Hop, Lyrical, Jazz, and Pom. Ideal for dancers looking to compete on a national stage.

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OUR DANCE Programs:

Elevate your dance skills with our All-Star Elite Dance program. Join a community of passionate dancers who perform at top-level events.
Dive into dance with our All-Star Novice Dance program. Perfect for those new to dance, this class helps you learn and grow in a supportive environment.
Experience the magic of dance in our DanceStars program. Designed for young dancers, this class focuses on fun, movement, and creativity.
Get ready for an exciting dance journey with Ready-Set-Dance. This program introduces the fundamentals of dance in a playful and engaging way.
Achieve your dance goals with personalized instruction in our Dance Private Lessons. Tailored to your needs, these lessons take your dance skills to the next level.
Refine your dance technique in our specialized Dance Technique Classes. Ideal for dedicated dancers looking to enhance their skills.


Flip, twist, and soar in our specialised Tumbling classes. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced athlete, we have the perfect program to elevate your skills.

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Our Tumbling Classes offer a progressive learning experience for students of all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, we have a class for you.
Experience one-on-one or small-group instruction in our Private Tumbling Classes. Perfect for personalized skill development and growth.
Enhance your fitness and flexibility in a dynamic and fun environment. This class is designed to improve overall athleticism.


Introduce your little ones to the joy of movement in our Preschool programs. From dance to basic tumbling, we offer a fun and safe environment for your child to explore and grow.

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our All Star CHEER Programs:

TumbleTots is perfect for our youngest athletes, introducing them to basic tumbling skills and the joy of physical activity.
TinyTumble is where the little ones discover the joy of tumbling, developing balance, and body awareness in a safe, supportive atmosphere.
TinyCheer introduces young athletes to the world of cheerleading with a focus on fun, teamwork, and building confidence.
Experience the excitement of cheerleading in a semi-competitive setting. This program is perfect for young cheerleaders.
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We take pride in helping our students and their families develop their best self. Let us know how we can help you fulfill your cheer and dance dreams!


Hear it from our community

Over hundreds of students have found and honed their passion for cheer and dance at FEA. Together, us, our students and their families make up our wonderful community who are our lifelong friends and partners sharing our love for cheer and dance.
steve mcbride
steve mcbride
1 October 2023
kazz patrick
kazz patrick
1 September 2023
Great facilities
peter smith
peter smith
1 May 2023
Exceptional work with the students as usual
Lyndon Foot
Lyndon Foot
17 February 2023
DLSS Mucci
DLSS Mucci
23 October 2022
Love love love
Feargal Ryan
Feargal Ryan
7 May 2022
June Hyeok Rhee
June Hyeok Rhee
4 December 2021
kellie myatt
kellie myatt
20 September 2021
Awesome place, very friendly staff
Nathan Cooke
Nathan Cooke
14 September 2021
Great gym to train at. Plenty of parking, supportive coaches, lots of teams and dance on offer



Force Elite Academy offers programs for a wide range of age groups, starting from as young as 2 years old up to adults. Our programs cater to kids, teens, and even adults, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the experience.
No, prior experience is not required. We offer programs suitable for beginners to advanced athletes. Our dedicated coaches will ensure that your child receives the appropriate training based on their skill level.
No, prior experience is not required. We offer programs suitable for beginners to advanced athletes. Our dedicated coaches will ensure that your child receives the appropriate training based on their skill level.
To register for classes at Force Elite Academy, please visit our website and navigate to the “Registration” section. You can find class schedules, availability, and online registration forms for your convenience.
The program costs vary depending on the specific class or program you choose. We offer competitive pricing options for all our classes and programs. For detailed pricing information, please visit our Pricing & Tuition page or contact our team for personalised assistance.
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